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Being raised on welfare by a very loving single mother, was not without its fears and challenges. I never knew anyone who went to college so the only escape communicated to me was to marry a rich man.

Born and raised in a small northern town, I grew up in a blue collar home. My father worked for a steel plant and mother for a phone company. With almost 60 years of marriage, their relationship has instilled in me the value of others.

Before I became a Mom, I was focused on my career in Marketing/Public Relations. I worked primarily with non-profit organizations and found great satisfaction knowing that the work I was doing was benefiting others.

My family is everything to me. Years ago, I left Corporate America so I could stay home and raise my daughters. I went to work for a skin care company, a party plan company; and I had a very successful 16 years with them.

I am a clinical nutritionist and owner of a weight loss and treatment center in Maryland. Needless to say, I love helping people achieve their nutritional goals, which I have been able to do through sharing exceptional products.

My story is not much different than most women. I was a wife, mother and worked full time. I was in a direct sales business that required me to stock inventory and sell products, I worked hard but my effort and income did not match.

I grew up a blue collar kid in Baltimore, Maryland, with two great parents and two older sisters. I graduated college in three years and earned a masters degree two years later. I’ve had a varied career.

Imagine becoming a widow at the age of 42 with two teenagers to support. Many people asked if I would return to teaching fourth grade. Fortunately, the financial aspect was not an issue when I built a six-figure income.

I always believed that in life, you go to school, you get a job, you work hard, you retire and you live happily every after. My belief system was shattered when I was downsized from my corporate job that I had for over 18 years.

Having a career as a waitress for over 19 years took it’s toll on me. My last 10 years of waitressing, I had to work 6 days a week, many were double shifts, just to stay afloat. It was our only source of income after my husband was disabled in a car accident.

My husband and I have two beautiful daughters and before being introduced to this team and company, we spent a lot of time on the road for our jobs. Once our daughters were born we realized that we were missing out on quality time together.

I was the first in my family to enlist in the military (Air Force). I spent 8 years traveling through Italy, Japan and several US states. While in Japan I met the love of my life; Rick. We married in 1992 and after some infertility, had our first daughter in 2001.


For much of my professional life I was a clinical nurse and have always been passionate about helping people with their health issues. For about 19 years I worked with a cosmetics company alongside my nursing career.

Being a cancer survivor, I am passionate about this business because of the health, wellness and wealth it brings to women’s lives. After standing on my feet for thirty years and having built a successful salon and wig business

As a child I knew I wanted to make a difference in other people’s lives, I just didn’t realize that it was going to take years working in Corporate America to find out that I would never be able to change anyone’s life, including my own.

I am a wife, and a mother to three grown young adults. I left the education world to be a work-at-home-mom almost 30 years ago. I built a business, working from home for 15 years.

I was an Operating Room RN at Hopkins when I became a part of our Live Well Journey. We have 4 sons, and I wanted nothing less than to provide a healthy home and lifestyle for my family.

I grew up in a small town in northern Minnesota, population 66. My father worked for the local lumber yard and my mother owned the local beauty shop.

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