Kim's Story

I am grateful to have built a legacy for my children!

For much of my professional life I was a clinical nurse and have always been passionate about helping people with their health issues. For about 19 years I worked with a cosmetics company alongside my nursing career. I began to get overwhelmed with all the work this entailed – from selling products at parties - to delivering products - to carrying inventory - to keeping track of customer purchases and frustrated with bounced checks and returned products – and ultimately not making money other than to cover my many expenses.

During this same period of time I was raising three very busy children. It was time for a change! I needed something that would allow me to stay at home with my babies AND earn an executive income.

I resigned from my position from the cosmetics company and have never looked back. I’m so grateful to have built a legacy for my children with the residual income I have earned that they will have for their lifetime. I am so blessed to have partnered with our Live Well Journey community as we work together to change lives. Let’s get started on your journey to wellness. I’m here to help!

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