Beth's Story

We are debt free and have our dream home!

My family is everything to me. Years ago, I left Corporate America so I could stay home and raise my daughters. I went to work for a skin care company, a party plan company; and I had a very successful 16 years with them. But I could never understand how I could be consistently at the top of my company, year after year, and not make more money than I did. We were a ‘Million Dollar Sales Team’, yet my team never seemed to earn money. I never realized that this is the dilemma of many MLM companies: Even though many are good companies, their compensation plans fail.

I was torn. I loved my friends there, I enjoyed my job… but because I was not financially rewarded, I was living life on THEIR terms, not mine. That said, I didn't think I'd have the courage to start something over from scratch.

However, when I learned of this company, my husband and I fell in love with the business model right away. Having the support of a $2 Billion dollar, debt free company with a 96% monthly retention rate with their customers, that helped give me the courage to give it a try. Everything about this company just made sense.

We matched and surpassed the income from that other company in my first month here. Since then, this business has paid for my daughters' private college education, luxury cars, trips around the world, and now our dream home. We've been debt free for as long as I can remember. Had I stayed with that other company, I would have little to show for it except for prizes, jewelry and trinkets. Like so many other companies, it sadly closed its doors along with the dreams of so many others.

And even though we have been blessed beyond our wildest dreams, the biggest blessing is to help pass on the blessing of time freedom and financial security to so many others.

Isn't it time you lived courageously?

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