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I’m happy you’re looking for a change... I’d like to start by sharing a bit about me and how this was the best life changing decision ever!!  

My life has always been about "just getting by" from childhood through motherhood! I watched my Mom struggle as a single mother, and I thought it was just a normal way of life. While my husband and I were raising our 5 children, we were living paycheck to paycheck and again, that seemed to be a normal way of life. I worked lots of different jobs, but I always had to sacrifice time with my family just for a little extra money. That was not what my heart wanted. 

Then, I started looking online for a way that I could earn an income from home. I was contacted by so many different opportunities and none of them fit me or made me feel like I could be successful. Finally, I was contacted by someone from our Live Well Journey Team! When I got all the details, I was so excited to hear how it is all about helping others. Our focus it to help families create time freedom, a healthier home, and an income to last a lifetime! It is now my mission to share with others, that you can have that six-figure income working from home!   


I'm here to tell you, you don't have to "just get by"! 

Discover HOW You CAN Find
the COURAGE to do Anything!
(Well, just about anything.)

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Tina Stephens
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